One thought on “I am loving LeBron James right now for his courage and his insight at the ESPY

  1. love or words and music. Social Justice issues is a big part of what I write about. W need to talk to each other, be creative in our quest for emancipation from gun violence and the liberty to pursue peace as citizens of America. This is why I served my country. I believe all men and women are created equal. We can’t be silent while our brother and sisters die senselessly. “Stand Up and Take Courage By the Hand.” is a line from a poem that I wrote. My Book, Ashay Speaks: Poems about Courage, Life and Black Survivors of the Holocaust is a tribute to our race. Black folks that survive. Support your artist that create art that edifies our African American community. We must be vigilant about how we are viewed in the media and profiled in the public. This insanity to kill blacks on the spot is nothing more than a twenty-century lynching. Those who kill need to go to jail especially if they are sworn to protect and to serve. What are your thoughts on this key issue for black America post them on my blog.


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