Today is My Holiday

I wrote a tribute to my grandfather, who served this country in WWII. . .Thanks grandpa for your service.

Color Him a Buffalo Soldier

My grandfather’s blood flows through my veins.
That’s how my warrior spirit came.
Fighting for this country is a family tradition.
My grandfather, the Buffalo Soldier makes me proud.
I am proud to be a descendent of a freedom fighter
I am proud to be the granddaughter of a liberator.
I am proud of the one thing, I can claim in black history
I am proud of my grandfather’s courage.
He fought for his country, then came back to Jim Crow
His courage and fighting spirit was not in vein.
I too answered the call to serve in the military without disdain.
Being a Black American rocks when you know your history.
I color my grandfather courageous for fighting with a purpose.
I color my grandfather wise for his contribution to this country can never be disguised.
I color my grandfather heroic, his service along with others
saved the life of many Jews.
I color my grandfather’s plight with racism, America’s failure to liberate their own.
My grandfather, that’s were my warrior spirit comes from . . .
My grandfather, I color my lens of liberation through his gallantry
My ancestral tree is colored with the blood of freedom fighters.
My legacy of hope comes from those who stood up to the enemy.
I color Irving Chenault Sr. a Buffalo Soldier and for that
I am proud to be an American, his blood flows through my grandson’s , Brandon’s veins.
I color my family prosperous because Providence has blessed us to continue the fight against oppression both foreign and domestic.
I color the world free from injustice for you and me.

3 thoughts on “Today is My Holiday

  1. My grandfather, Irving Chenault Sr. Is a unsung hero. I am here to sign his song. He was a Buffalo Soldier and a Holocaust liberator. People need to know about the significant role African American’s played in reciting the News and others from Hunter only to return to a world of oppression, marginalization and Jim Crow here in the USA.


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