Today is My Holiday

This is one of my favorites


I wrote a tribute to my grandfather, who served this country in WWII. . .Thanks grandpa for your service.

Color Him a Buffalo Soldier

My grandfather’s blood flows through my veins.
That’s how my warrior spirit came.
Fighting for this country is a family tradition.
My grandfather, the Buffalo Soldier makes me proud.
I am proud to be a descendent of a freedom fighter
I am proud to be the granddaughter of a liberator.
I am proud of the one thing, I can claim in black history
I am proud of my grandfather’s courage.
He fought for his country, then came back to Jim Crow
His courage and fighting spirit was not in vein.
I too answered the call to serve in the military without disdain.
Being a Black American rocks when you know your history.
I color my grandfather courageous for fighting with a purpose.

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