Slaves No More

I am excited about my opportunity to share my poetry @ that launch of Rise, an Anthology of poets from the Los Angeles area. Here I have put excepts from my poem, Slaves No More printed in the Anthology edited by Mark Lipman.

Our humanity is in our DNA

Our dignity tossed overboard by the meat ships that sailed the Atlantic

“No more weeping and a wailing. . .” freedom physically for us has arrived.

Our suffering  now is of an intellectual and spiritual kind.

What would Nat Turner, who led rebellion in 1839, say to our black young folks today?

“Your freedom came at a very high cost, but some yawl still choosing to be lost!

We still live like we’re not oppressed in a land; marginalized by bad water and police brutality.

The shackles on our mind is slavery; the overseer, mass communications

Steals the soul and exploits our Nubian minds, sells our souls up the rivers of destructive imaging.

Dresses up and pants down is an indication that our self-esteem ground level thinking.

Black men stop generically stop labeling black women hoes, the commodity of capitalism that is not the true meaning of Hip Hop.

You guest it the rest is in Ashay Speaks!

Beyond Baroque

681 N. Venice Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90804



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