The Nourishment of Poetry

Starting my day with my ink pen, is like eating a breakfast of champions.
It’s the way my cerebral cortex connects to the universe.
It elevates my thought life into the atmosphere of possibilities

Starting my day with my ink pen shapes the trajectory of my days plans
Poetry written heightens my awareness to avoid the nothingness the mandate
Ideas are formed into words, words nourish my soul

I assail into a thought life absent of oppression, toil and strike…
To be continued in my next book!

Poetry Flows

This is my sonnet I wrote about poetry. I am only publishing the first eight lines of the poem for publishing protection. I am working on my second manuscript of poetry. Please comment on the virtues of my work. Enjoy

Poetry flows from my heart to my hands
My soul does an intellectual dance
Calliope melodies sparks passion
Literary symbol devise image
Poetry transcends obvious meaning
Dialects live in poetic kingdoms
Waltz with words create imagination
Spoken while silence waits for utterance. . ..

It is time to SHINE

Well I am just about there. Ready to launch my book with World Stage Press. I am so excited to have an opportunity to share my poetry and creative writings with the world. Large or small I am going to give it all I have to raise awareness about Black Victims of the Holocaust. We must be aware of the philosophy of hate. The hegemonic discourse of an oppressive system is little language that we understand in this present day time. However, it is up to us to educate ourselves, young and old of the dangers that lies ahead with hateful speech and language. We been desensitized to the institution racist propaganda that is in the media. People are returning to their roots of hatred and separation. We must engage in dialog that is uplifting and reaffirming. Otherwise history will repeat itself. IJS

Dreams Interrupted

My cat interrupts my dreams
I mean he actually stops them in their seams

My cat interrupts my dreams
A familiar grunt softly at first it seems

Its my cat interrupting my dreams
Again this morning, I think its a scheme

Its my cat, not a bat, with a bat
he’s stretching at the bed post, my heart hears his whispers

Its my cat interrupting my dreams
I welcome the consciousness that his light nibble on my finger brings

Knees to the Ground

This is an excerpt of a poem that I wrote in December 2017 this is the last 2 verses,

No moral compass-no morale-no trust in political leadership to be proud of until our children are safe in schools and our black lives matter in churches.
No you keep kneeling black America, until the Red, White and Blue stands for me and you too.

Keep kneeling as we watch and pray that together we will see a better day
Martin’s dream has yet, to be fulfilled he didn’t get to the mountain top with us and we are not there yet
Black people kneel until America remembers that she is not America without liberty and justice for all

“SOS, I am calling all black people to come on in. . ..”


I wrote this elegy after losing one of my closes friends. We were college students together and both singers. Her name was Christy Douglas her persona was fascination and her talent was mesmerizing. She passed away suddenly before accomplishing her goals of becoming a superstar. She was a star in my eyes and I treasured her friendship tremendously. I never shared this poem with anyone until today. 2/25/2018

By Dawnna Mathieu (Ashay)

If I were a memory
I would wrap you in a blanket of love

No moment is any fonder
Then when I ponder

Time spent remembering your smile
Miles of laughter and good times
are scented with the reflections of you

This, I will never forget

Nor Regret-creating images as spontaneous as our friendship
Silent reflections as a whispered prayer

My favorite past-time
With love supreme and joy divine
Reflections are all mine

The beginning of 2018 will end with a signicant event: The release of my poetry book Ashay Speaks, by World Stage Press


I am so excited about the up coming event of my book launch. I need your help in creating a buzz for this incredible work. To wet your poetic whistle a bit, I am going to share one of my poems about the Holocaust based on a painting that I experience that was painted by a Black Victim of Hitler, Josef Nassy.

Ashay Speaks: Poetry on Courage and Black Survivors of the Holocaust book to be released in December 2018

via Ashay Speaks: Poetry on Courage and Black Survivors of the Holocaust

Ashay Speaks: Poetry on Courage and Black Survivors of the Holocaust is a unique and timely literary contribution to the humanities of the twenty-first century. It is a result of research she conducted, while in an Art and Humanities graduate program. Ashay Speaks about life and love as she tells the stories through her poetic ventures. She focuses on her ancestry and create art that edifies the African American community, with a rich tapestry of language, that engulfs the brains of the reader, with the nuances of her literary style. Ashay uses the imagination to bring fourth images that satisfies all levels of poetic intrigue. Her works brings The Black Victims of Hitler out of obscurity, which is a little-known fact among the general public and rarely part of the African American History discourse in academic settings and cultural events….Continue reading the book discription on her web-site