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Graduate of the California Literacy Initiative (CLI) in Los Angeles.

I call myself Ashay, God said “it was alright” It means “And so it is…” I am a warrior for justice a life long student of the Humanities…

Writer, author, singer, performing artist. I am a truth seeker. I am a healer. I current live in Corona, CA I bring to the Humanities “Art for Social Justice” my poetry is Ekphrastic based on the lives of African American’s and our Diaspora experience. I give voice to black victims of the Holocaust. I speak out against police brutality. I served this country in the armed forces. I kneel in solidarity with my people. My pen is my power. I write the counter narratives of the whitewashing of history. I reflect the product of the urban space of Los Angeles. I use my memory of pain and my knowledge of healing in my words of my truth. I graduated with a BA in Music and audio engineering and serve as a nurse in the Navy. I am proud to call myself an American, a Black American…A female who will stand up to just-us…


Adjunct Professor, Music,Compton College

2008 – 2012

Licensed Vocational Nurse, California…


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