I can’t Breathe

White cops knee on his neck.
He can't barely take a breath.
Subdued by tight handcuffs.

Listen to his fervent plead 
"mama they gonna kill me."
I can't breathe, neither can we... .
George Floyd died in captivity.

Sinister white cop's to blame.
They shackle black man to maim.
White citizens you lack shame.
Black people stand united.

Black man face down in dirt.
I cried today, my heart hurts.
I can't breathe, neither can we.
I can't breathe, neither can we.

Cops hands in his pocket.
No-one there to stop it.
Cop crushes his trachea.
Taunts a black man as he dies.

Our reality is grim.
Our men die like dogs.
Cops are vicious to us.
Cameras are on we see you.

White folks kills us on a whim.
 Native Americans die.
White washed history a lie.
Black nation is tired of dying.

Stop killing us is the message.
Our out cry will be heard.
George did not die in vain.
End the White Supremacy game.

Black man jogging gets killed 
White men seems to be thrilled.
White pandemic nature is to kill.
We will raise above it still.

There's an epidemic now
Police brutality that's how
America has a choice.

Citizens deaths are senseless.
No need to get defensive.
We know now you hate us.
White house does not defend us.

I can't breathe, neither can we
I want my mama please.
His supplication is our realization.
Justice is blind is a lie.

We are not safe driving.
We are not respected.
We are not liberated.

Stand up and take action.
 Martin made it clear.
Hold hands black, white and brown.
Freedom rings loud in your ear.

Unite with your pen.
Liberation to gain.
Economic boycotts works.
Our legacy shows our worth.

Rest in peace as you sleep;
Floyd, Martin, Bland and Brown.
This fight for justice is going down.
The conversation in now.

Colin Kaepernick take a bow.
Your knee taught us how to win.
We understand to be free.
 We must breathe again,