A picture worth a thousand words
Gazes of disbelief–as I paint the pictures of imprisonment
My colors are vivid renderings of shame
all in the name of the Third Reich

Does not relive my sorrow –until my paintings are seen by the world
I paint the pictures of forgotten people
worth the words on thousands of tongues
Tell of my woeful tomorrow.

Here, today physically restricted by barb wire fences wait for the jewel of flesh woven textures of metal deters the resistance to meals of captured hopelessness
Gone are the pursuit of liberty interment has its grips on our souls of liberation

Must begin with one stroke of my pen to tell the tale of stolen humanity by the hand of the Nazis in Germany
I am a black man, a witness to ra/cist acts of the atrocities contained within the metal fences over shadowed by the tower.

Yes, the Jews are here, and my brothers alone with the others
People surviving behind locked doors with the rattle of the jailor’s key
A wall of hate unable to extinguish the hope that my artwork brings
It is never too late to break walls of hatred down by wearing courage as the coat of liberation.

Painting images that will one day liberate the minds of my people
Eye witnesses and liberators ignored because of the color of our skin…The story blossoms from obscurity to victory

As the world discovers my Breaking the silence of
The menagerie of systematic
Genocide –